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African Nubian Goat

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This breed was developed from goats from the Middle East and N. Africa and milking stock from Great Britian. They can live in hot climates and have a...

African Boar Goat

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The Boar Goat was developed in S. Africa in the early 1900’s for meat production. The Boar Goat was probably developed by the Bushmen and the Fooku tribes....

Sulcata Spur Thigh Tortoise

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Sulcatas are the world’s 3rd largest breed of tortoise. Only Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises get bigger! The Sulcata is native south of the Sahara Desert in Africa....

Ring-tailed Lemur “King Louis & Suboma”

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Lemurs are primates but developed quite differently from monkeys and apes when Madagascar split from the African continent millions of years ago. Ring-tailed lemurs are unique from other...

Bongo (Antelope, Bovidae) “Levi”

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Hi my name is “Levi” I am originally from Africa and am the largest forest antelope in the world. When I am full grown I could reach a weight...

Giraffe “Melman”

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Hi my name is Melman and I am a Reticulated Giraffe. There are 9 different breed of Giraffes in Africa. I was born on August 11, 2010. ...

African Eland “Eligh”

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The Eland is by far the largest African Antelope and has ox-like characteristics.  Male eland can often weigh from 900-200lbs and range from 5ft to 6 ft at the...

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