When visiting Eudora Farms, there are a few park rules that we ask everybody to follow. These rules are here to keep you safe during your visit.

  1. Please do not feed the animals on Safari
  2. Keep limbs inside moving vehicles while on Safari
  3. Do not litter ; please keep the park clean for everybody
  4. Do not bring your own food to feed to the animals; we have food on location if you wish to feed the animals
  5. With certain animals, we ask you to keep distance for safety reasons. You will see signs for the animals we ask you to keep distance from.
  6. Lemurs may jump on the vehicles. If a lemur jumps on your vehicle during safari, please do not get out of the car. You can either stop driving or keep rolling at a slow pace. Do not speed up if the lemurs climb onto your vehicle.
  7. Make sure to call before you get to the park. We cannot guarantee entrance into the park if the park is at max capacity.
  8. Do not throw things at the animals.
  9. Please show respect to all staff members and animals at Eudora Farms.
  10. Absolutely no firearms or weapons are allowed on Eudora Farms premises.

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