Are you interested in sponsoring an animal at Eudora Farms?

Eudora Farms is home to more than 200 different exotic animals, and the ongoing care and maintenance at Eudora Farms can get expensive.  Sponsoring an animal at Eudora Farms allows us to provide our animals with the food, health care, and daily maintenance required to keep the park running smoothly.

How can I sponsor an animal at Eudora Farms?

Eudora Farms “Sponsor an Animal” program has a few different options you are able to choose from.  You can make a 1-time donation to fund the entire park.  You may also opt to donate monthly for a set amount of time (3 month, 6 month, and 1 year increments) for the animal of your choice.  We also have membership options available for individuals and families.  Our sponsorship programs include several benefits that visitors of the park may find of value.

What is included with sponsorship?

Sponsors will get free park visits, photos, a certificate of sponsorship, t-shirts, and/or other types of memorabilia based on their donation.